How do we do it?

Unishoper® calculates the ROI of the impact of your content on the client while browsing and in front of each word, image, audiovisual and message related to your brand or purpose.
To achieve this we request the consent of the client so that, through our sensor of emotions integrated to the platform you use, you can measure the attention of the gaze (eye tracking), sex, age, and the immediate emotional reactions, positive or negative. In addition we can tell you, content to content, which were more profitable, and accompany you in the planning of your next strategy to achieve a proposal that connects with the emotions and the unconscious of people.


Capture of immediate emotional reaction


100% accuracy. Without Smartphone tracking, without downloading applications, without surveys


Activation of the measurement in 1 hour


Personalized dashboard to control ROI and effectiveness


Analytics per person and minute by minute to calculate the ROI of each action

Do you want to measure the effectiveness and the "true" ROI of your digital content?

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Who else are we helping to?

  • Predict the effectiveness and acceptance of your advertising event.
  • Identify and microsegment the public that impact with activation, whether by age, gender or accompaniment.
  • Recognize that elements, forms or messages impacted more and better.
  • Measure the performance of your event minute by minute and quantify the emotional reaction of the impacted public.
  • Accurately calculates the return on investment by number of people, emotion achieved, age and gender.
  • Predict who will leave the store without buying.
  • Identify which products interest your client even if they do not buy them.
  • Strengthen your marketing strategy and visual merchandising with data that is updated minute by minute.
  • Connect your loyalty strategy and personalize the content according to the emotional profile of your client.
  • Identify the clients' clothing size to predict sales level and inventory turnover.
  • Predict the impact and effectiveness of your new product.
  • Measure the emotional and sensory reactions of your target audience second by second.
  • Identify which elements of your new product are more or less valued and measure the immediate change in real time.
  • Build your new product based on experiences, emotions and real sensations.
  • Develop a personalized marketing plan.

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