In order to understand and accurately interpret each expression of the human body, we started in 2009 a series of experiments, in which we asked more than 200,000 people over 5 years, to voluntarily react to different sensory stimuli that we were releasing in a room that we baptized "White Room".

As a result of this scientific adventure in 2013, we managed to invent an algorithm that gathers, combines and trains the different movements of the face and human body to achieve an outstanding level of decoding and behavior prediction, with which to date we have managed to discover 5,612 non-verbal signals, at an unconscious, emotional, physic, physiological and paralinguistic level that decipher the human being for the better.

To capture the emotional reaction we have taught the neural network to interpret correctly and according to the context in which people develop, the different movements of the facial muscles that make up the human face, and the elementary and subtle body movements that intervene in the expression of either an emotion or behavior at an unconscious level.

It should be mentioned that, being aware of the existing concern about the possible future control of machines over human decisions, we have implemented in our deep learning coding a supervising protocol, with which each capture of human behavior in real time is processed and interpreted first by a scientific team made up of ethologists, biologists, anthropologists, psychologists and forensic experts; who, after analyzing the data, teach the artificial intelligence code what, how, where, when and why to interpret what they see automatically. We have baptized this protocol as "The Human First"

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