Transform Human Reactions Data into Actionable Insights.

Understanding human gestures and body movement patterns empower companies to build better products and make smarter decisions real time.


Optimize your stores, operations, and teams.

We provide detailed context on our datasets for a 360-degree view of user behavior.


Gain access to offline consumer insights.

Drive growth by better understanding what is driving visitors to store and why – measure your advertising ROI and get a more holistic view of how your brand is performing.

What is Unishoper®?

Unishoper® is the artificial intelligence that generates personalized purchase recommendations based on the decoding of customers emotional, bodily and psychological reactions to products, both in the real and virtual world.

We are different!

You obtain real analytics from emotional, bodily and para-linguistic behaviors that have never been captured.

  • Up to 85 different emotions.
  • Patterns from the face, body and voice.
  • Right context in which the emotional reaction happens.
  • Measurement at any place and situation.



How it works

For Retailer


Connect Unishoper to existing cameras or Unishoper’s emotional-reaction sensors.


Obtain analytics by segments of how people is interacting to your products.


Make rapid decisions based on your own KPI’s objectives.


For Customer


Sign Up by taking a 7 seconds video-selfie.


Matching within products you’ve liked in real-world.


Buy in the most personal way.

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Retail-Analytics learning from Scientists

Our classification of human behavior is carried out directly by biologists through our "Human-First" monitoring protocol before the deep learning code recognizes it automatically.


Advanced Queries

Execute specific queries such as: about the total number of women who navigated the store How many were and why did not they buy?


Customized recommendations to enhance Sales

The great advantage is that through our e-commerce platform customers can see personalized recommendations of those products to which they reacted positively in the real world.


Full Integrate to your own Systems

Total customization of dashboard for retailers with options to export the analytics in multiple formats and options to integrate the Unishoper API into their current e-commerce platform.


Connect to Niches

Design fashion collections and personalized promotions according to the rush-hour and group of people who visit the store.


Predict who will leave the store without buying.


Identify which products interest your client even if they do not buy.


Strengthen your marketing strategy with data that is updated minute by minute.


Personalize the content for a loyalty strategy according to the emotional profile of your client.


Identify the clients' clothing size to predict sales level and inventory turnover.

Don’t just observe behaviors, predict them.

Unishoper’s platform is an AI-driven Assistant that maps, targets, and measures the offline consumer emotional reactions.

Know visitor demographics and interests in relation to their behaviour. Take action on data collected to delight your shoppers and market to them in a personalized manner.

  • Who are my customers?
  • What are their demographics (male/female, age, etc.)?
  • Are they new to my store?
  • How often do they come back?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • What are their interests?

With this technology, you’re now empowered with insights that were never before available

  • How many people enter my stores?
  • How many people did I capture from the overall passerby traffic?
  • How many were unique visitors?
  • Of the total store traffic, how many are shoppers vs. staff?
  • How are my staffing levels compared to the traffic throughout the day?

How are shoppers behaving while in the store?

  • How do they interact with my merchandise?
  • Where do they go (which departments, aisles, display, etc.)?
  • In which order do they visit these areas?
  • Where do they actually stop to engage?
  • What captures their attention?
  • What do they end up buying?
  • How do layout changes or product location impact my store performance?

Personalized Shopping Platform: Finding only what you enjoy!


Products that fit your personality

Through our e-commerce platform you can see and buy in our marketplace all the products that you have touched, tested and reacted emotionally in real life.



Buy the product that has generated in you astonishment, joy or pleasure /or any pleasant emotion.



Live the experience of picking up your product in store.



Receive your product at the time you want, anywhere, anywho.


How does my staff contribute to store success?

  • How are my staffing levels compared to my needs?
  • What is the productivity of my staff?
  • Where is my staff spending their time?
  • How is their interaction with the shoppers?
  • How does it impact my store performance?

How are my stores performing against key performance indicators (KPIs)?

  • How are my comparable sales, conversion, average ticket value, etc?
  • How do my staffing and my shopper base composition impact my KPI?
  • Are there other external factors I need to consider, like weather or available potential customers walking by the door?

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Unishoper® is learning from you, how you live, how you react and how you solve problems

What's the customer reaction?

We are helping to:

  • Predict who will leave the store without buying.
  • Identify which products interest your client even if they do not buy them.
  • Strengthen your marketing strategy and visual merchandising with data that is updated minute by minute.
  • Connect your loyalty strategy and personalize the content according to the emotional profile of your client.
  • Identify the clients' clothing size to predict sales level and inventory turnover.
  • Predict the effectiveness and acceptance of your advertising event.
  • Identify and microsegment the public that impact with activation, whether by age, gender or accompaniment.
  • Recognize that elements, forms or messages impacted more and better.
  • Measure the performance of your event minute by minute and quantify the emotional reaction of the impacted public.
  • Accurately calculates the return on investment by number of people, emotion achieved, age and gender.
  • Obtain valuable business data to make the content of your communication profitable.
  • Measures the emotional impact of words, colors, shapes, people and messages.
  • Track the performance of your marketing actions, second to second.
  • Predict your churn rate and identify which messages are rejected and why.
  • Microsegment your audience by age, gender and emotion expressed in front of your marketing campaign.
  • Predict the impact and effectiveness of your new product.
  • Measure the emotional and sensory reactions of your target audience second by second.
  • Identify which elements of your new product are more or less valued and measure the immediate change in real time.
  • Build your new product based on experiences, emotions and real sensations.
  • Develop a personalized marketing plan.

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