How do we do it?

Unishoper® calculates the ROI of your storefront & shopping experience placing an integrated sensor of emotions to your visual or showcase to measure the traffic, gender, age and emotional reactions of the people who navigate your store and impact positively or negatively with your proposal. We can also tell you who enters your store due to the positive impact generated by your storefront.

Analytics to deliver:
1. Counting of people.
2. Those who enter the store due to the showcase.
3. Microsegmentation by Gender, Age and Accompaniment.
4. Positive and negative emotions in front of each product.
5. Facial recognition to identify those who bought and those who did not.


Capture of immediate emotional reaction


100% accuracy. Without Smartphone tracking, without downloading applications, without surveys


Activation of the measurement in 24 hours


Personalized dashboard to control ROI and effectiveness


Analytics of entrance to store by impact of showcase

Do you want to measure the effectiveness and ROI of your storefront?

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How do we do it?

Unishoper® deciphers how people react in front your products while they navigate your store or shopping mall.

Analytics to deliver:
1. Counting of people. / 2. Microsegmentation by Gender, Age and Accompaniment. / 3. Positive and negative emotions in front each product during the shopping tour. / 4. Facial recognition to identify who bought and who did not, and why. / 5. Size detection by customer.


Recognizes which products generate positive emotion and which ones do not


Build the shopping experience according to your customer's personality


Sell the stock of slow rotation. That you have exhibited for more than 45 days


Help your salespeople generate new conversational and sales arguments


Identify who you have in your store and learn how they buy

Do you want to know why your customers leave your store without buying?

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Who else are we helping to?

  • Predict the effectiveness and acceptance of your advertising event.
  • Identify and microsegment the public that impact with activation, whether by age, gender or accompaniment.
  • Recognize that elements, forms or messages impacted more and better.
  • Measure the performance of your event minute by minute and quantify the emotional reaction of the impacted public.
  • Accurately calculates the return on investment by number of people, emotion achieved, age and gender.
  • Obtain valuable business data to make the content of your communication profitable.
  • Measures the emotional impact of words, colors, shapes, people and messages.
  • Track the performance of your marketing actions, second to second.
  • Predict your churn rate and identify which messages are rejected and why.
  • Microsegment your audience by age, gender and emotion expressed in front of your marketing campaign.
  • Predict the impact and effectiveness of your new product.
  • Measure the emotional and sensory reactions of your target audience second by second.
  • Identify which elements of your new product are more or less valued and measure the immediate change in real time.
  • Build your new product based on experiences, emotions and real sensations.
  • Develop a personalized marketing plan.

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